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Announces Lattice3D Studio Version 13.1.

This latest release of the company’s authoring tool contains features that speed time to market and decrease development costs for companies that develop and manufacture complex products.

“The new features in this release continue our effort to enable the enterprise to leverage 3D engineering data to downstream processes and compact product release cycles,” explained Bill Barnes, General Manager, Lattice Technology, Inc.  “For instance, using Lattice3D Studio version 13.1, companies can now create electrical routing for complete product representation. This allows both electrical and mechanical data to be used in interactive work instructions, technical illustrations and any other technical documentation.  Additional features better enable different team members to work concurrently.”

Create Electrical Routing in 3D

With version 13.1, accurate electrical routing (including wires, cables, harnesses and connectors) can easily be done in 3D and included with the mechanical representation from the CAD model. The complete product representation can then be leveraged into all of the various downstream processes required to bring a product to market, speeding time to market and reducing costs.  

Enable Concurrent Process

During the late phases of product design when product release processes are started, changes will inevitably occur. The challenge for working concurrently is to minimize the re-work. With this release, change detection and visualization capabilities have been added to enable quick identification of changes and the ability to incorporate them into the work already accomplished.

Lattice Technology delivers technical communication solutions that may be used across the entire product lifecycle–for internal use, external stakeholders and customers. These solutions build on top of an organization’s 3D design data, allowing companies to leverage 3D CAD model data and business data. Ideal for assembly process planning, work instructions, technical illustrations, electronic spare part catalogs and service portals, the innovative technology is used by manufacturing and engineering companies as the backbone for sharing and using 3D model data across the extended enterprise.

Solutions from Lattice Technology enable users to work with even the largest models that can be consumed for free on virtually any Windows® computer as well as many Windows and Apple® tablets.

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