XVL Supports SOLIDWORKS Native CAD Format

Unlocking Efficiency: SOLIDWORKS Seamless Support of XVL Ultralightweight 3D Format

In the dynamic world of product design, staying ahead of the competition requires innovation. SOLIDWORKS, a leading CAD software, has taken a significant leap forward by integrating robust support for the XVL ultralightweight 3D format. This groundbreaking development allows users to combine all CAD files for a product into a single, cohesive file, even if they are in non-SOLIDWORKS formats.

Why is this important? It enables all stakeholders downstream from design to easily work with a complete Virtual Product, regardless of how the product was designed.

XVL Across the Product Lifecycle

The Power of XVL Ultralightweight 3D Format

1. CAD-level Accuracy – Lightweight but Accurate

Virtual Product with XVLThe XVL ultralightweight 3D format is renowned for its precision and accuracy. It is not a dumbed-down version and it is not a simple viewer. SOLIDWORKS support for this format ensures that every intricate detail of your CAD designs is faithfully represented. Whether you're dealing with complex geometries or intricate assemblies, the accuracy provided by XVL guarantees that your designs are accurately translated. Stakeholders around the company can work with an accurate representation of the entire product to perform their work from Manufacturing Planning to Tech Pubs to Service Instructions.


2. High Performance

One of the key advantages of XVL is its ultralightweight nature. CAD files are compressed to approximately 1/100th of their original size.  Users will experience swift loading times.

3. Virtual Product

SOLIDWORKS support for XVL allows users to consolidate all CAD files related to a product into a single, comprehensive file. This includes not only SOLIDWORKS files but also those in various non-SOLIDWORKS formats. This allows ALL stakeholders to work with an entire product at once, regardless of how many files and formats were used during design.

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4. Enhanced Collaboration

With SOLIDWORKS support for XVL, collaboration becomes more than just a buzzword. Team members using different CAD software can effortlessly contribute to the same project thanks to the seamless integration of diverse file formats. This improves communication and accelerates the design process by eliminating unnecessary barriers.



The SOLIDWORKS commitment to innovation is evident in its robust support for the XVL ultralightweight 3D format. This integration makes it seamless for SOLIDWORKS designers to create a single XVL Virtual Product that includes all 3D CAD files.

With this complete Virtual Product, coupled with easy (and free) access, any stakeholder can quickly use the entire product for whatever purpose they need.


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