Lattice Technology, Inc. Blog Launch

I am happy to announce our new Lattice Technology, Inc. blog  

Hello and welcome to the Lattice Technology, Inc. blog. Here's where you'll find the latest & greatest news on everything about 3D digital manufacturing software and solutions: design review, 3D simulations, animations and inter-related BOMs and parts lists to create interactive 3D documents for process design, assembly instructions, 3D parts lists, technical illustrations and electronic training manuals. From market trends to product updates, tips & tricks to whitepapers, case studies and customers testimonials.

I am Marcia Volpe, the marketing manager at Lattice Technology, Inc. and I will be the mediator. My colleagues from the technical team, Marc Jablonski and Masaru Hatakoshi, will be working on this blog along with me.

The blog is directed at professional and interested peers who either work with or are somehow related to 3D data. I want to open a channel so we can share ideas, and learn from each other, and I promise I will try to make the blog highly informative and interesting to read.

So, go ahead and bookmark it, and then help me spread the word! E-mail or tweet your colleagues, after all, the more the merrier. Let's make our discussions richer with several different insights.

As it is supposed to be an open channel, I would really appreciate your feedback: every opinion counts and is constructive. That will help me shape it up and keep it attractive. Suggestions of topics for discussion are welcome as well.

We have been seeing a lot more interest in lightweight 3D data lately, so I thought that should be the first topic. With technology moving at it fastest pace, the level of detail people want to store in their data can significantly increase the size of the files nowadays. Stay tuned for that!


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