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Leveraging Design Review Processes into a Digital Manufacturing Age

Posted by Marcia Volpe

Wed, 20 Jul, 2011 @ 02:07 PM

Consistent and accurate Digital Design Review in your digital manufacturing processes is key to achieving the productivity, efficiency and profitability benefits that have been promised by 3D CAD vendors.

However, these benefits are hard-won: barriers remain in place preventing fast, accurate digital design review. These barriers include interoperability, inadequate design review tools, problems with accuracy, and issues with data file sizes. These barriers generally mean that designers and engineers have to resort to manual tactics, ‘work-around’, and lengthy tricks to perform critical design review during their engineering, design and production processes.

Read the white paper “Leveraging Design Review Processes into a Digital Manufacturing Age” to learn about strategies and processes to integrate Digital Design Review into your engineering processes.

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Topics: engineering processes, Design Review, Digital Manufacturing