A Little Bit of History About 3D Visualization

We saw this article and think it is a good historical accounting of how 3D visualization has matured:

The Long and Winding Road of 3D Visualization

             (click on the title link to read the full article)

The article was first published at engineering-matters.com, a site to serve the personal and organizational needs of those in the engineering organization. It is authored by Chad Jackson, an Industry Analyst at Lifecycle Insights and publisher of the engineering-matters blog. With more than 15 years of industry experience, Chad covers career, managerial and technology topics in engineering. For more details, visit his profile.

As we provide solutions for leveraging 2D & 3D beyond design and development and throughout the extended manufacturing enterprise, it is very interesting to see the impact we bring to the 3D Visualization evolution.

The Lattice Technology ultra-lightweight 3D XVL® format - the most lightweight 3D format in the industry, allows even the largest CAD files (often more than 1GB!) to be viewed easily, anywhere, including on the go. Among our products, we now offer XVL Web3D Manager that allows your data to be shared and viewed on mobile devices.

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