Announcing Release of XVL Content Manager

Augments PDM/PLM systems delivering fast performance to stakeholders downstream from product development for even the largest 3D product models 


Announcing the release of XVL Content Manager (XCM). XCM enables complete product data access (3D and metadata), with control, to enterprise stakeholders downstream from product development with high-performance regardless of model sizes. 

XVL Content Manager provides complete management for XVL data files. Management includes versioning; check-in/check-out; storage of related files, such as 2D drawings and work instructions in industry-standard formats like PDF and Microsoft® Excel®; integrations with internal systems; controlled sharing to any stakeholder using a modern web browser without add-ons; and seamless integration with XVL Studio (authoring tool) for updates.  

“Most of our customers use PDM/PLM systems. XVL supplements these systems to facilitate improved workflows for leveraging their 3D CAD models to functions downstream from product development,” said Hiroshi Toriya, CEO, Lattice Technology. “We have optimized XVL for the data consumer; for instance, for manufacturing, tech pubs, and service. XVL can consolidate multiple CAD files from virtually any CAD format, and because it is extremely lightweight, it can handle even gigabyte-size CAD files. XVL Content Manager, our latest product, manages XVL files and integrations to other systems like PDM/PLM,” Toriya said. 

Read the complete press release: Lattice Technology Announces XVL Content Manager for Enabling Fast and Easy Access to Gigabyte-size 3D Models 

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