New release of XVL Player for Consuming Any 3D CAD Model

XVL Player – One of the family of FREE products for consuming 3D XVL data models

XVL Player enables users to easily visualize and interrogate 3D CAD models. Using XVL Player, anyone can view (including animations), rotate, measure, and cross-section 3D models. Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) can be viewed (including GD&T) along with the complete assembly tree.  

Work instructions are a powerful capability offered by Lattice Technology. These instructions are textual-based, step-by-step instructions that are attached to geometry and are used to complete complex tasks such as assembly for the manufacturing line or service procedures. Work instructions, which may include animations, are fully supported by XVL Player.

Because the models are extremely small (usually less than 1% of the original CAD model size),XVL Player allows users to visualize and interrogate extremely large and complete assemblies on minimally configured desktops and laptops.  There are even solutions for mobile devices and tablets.

XVL Player is a FREE Windows application for desktops and laptops.  It can be opened in two different modes: as a standalone application or as a browser-based application with an add-on for Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

New with this release: A standalone version (actually an open mode) that does not require execution from inside a browser.

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