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The Need for Better Product & Technical Communications

MAN_-_Trucks_and_Buses.pngThe MAN Commercial Vehicles Group realized there had to be a better way to communicate with internal stakeholders and their supply chain when it came to part geometry and related information. Like most companies who design complex products, they are using 3D CAD. The problem was that the 3D models were “locked” away in engineering. There was a barrier…a fence around the engineering data. How could they effectively share these complex models with any stakeholder, inside and outside of their company, including with non-engineers?


The Solution - XVL and Lattice3D

MAN_-_Process_Flow.pngThe solution that MAN discovered was XVL and Lattice Technology. Lattice Technolog repurposes the 3D CAD data from all the major CAD companies. Within the Lattice3D environment, additional information can be authored with the technical instruction software. And best of all, the 3D model and information can be shared and consumed for free. The sharing is similar to how documents are shared as a PDF. Just as the Adobe PDF reader is free, so is the Lattice3D Player - free as a download from the Lattice3D website.

PDFs: 2D & 3D for Technical Communications

3D_PDF.pngSpeaking of PDF, it is a good time to also bring up 3D PDF. Many people have never heard of 3D PDF. A 3D PDF is a file format created and supported by Adobe and it is truly interactive 3D. If you haven’t seen one of these in action, you will be amazed when you do. Lattice Technology can generate a 3D PDF. And here is the really amazing part … anyone who receives a 3D PDF can open it with the standard Adobe PDF reader they probably already have installed on their computer.


How MAN is Using Lattice3D - Technical Illustrations and More

MAN uses solutions from Lattice3D for the following:
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Internal Communications
  • Supplier Communications
  • Technical Illustrations
  • Quality Assurance

Get the Free CASE Study

To get the full case study, visit this page (http://info.lattice3d.com/man-truck-using-lattice) and download the PDF - the 2D PDF that is. And if you do want to try a 3D PDF, visit this page: http://info.lattice3d.com/3d-pdf.


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