CASIO: Using Lattice 3D for Consumer Manuals

casioCasio uses Lattice's technology to create customer manuals 50-60% faster than ever before. In addition, Casio's manuals are now more accurate and easier for the consumer to read.

"Explaining how to use our products properly is extremely important to us. Products, such as the latest digital cameras, can be a bit complex for people. So user manuals need to be easy to understand, accurate and up-to-date. The 3D CAD/CAM data files that we need to develop technical illustrations are huge, require a lot of training to manipulate, and are difficult to transfer to paper easily. Keeping the material updated, and therefore accurate, presents even more of a challenge," explained Casio.

Recently, Casio's technical illustrators began working with Lattice's applications to create the company's user manuals. Thanks to unmatched compression and a standards-based XML format, the company's engineering, manufacturing, and technical publishing documents department now can collaborate, manipulate, and create up to date manuals easily. Illustrations are completed 50-60% faster than ever before. Collaboration enables more accurate documents and the manuals are automatically updated with each design change.

"Our process time used to involve 2-3 months at a time. Now, using 3D applications, that same process can be completed much more easily and accurately by just one person in only one month. That's a lot of cost savings, but most importantly — it means a lot more customer satisfaction."

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