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3D PDF – Squeezing Value from CAD Models by Sharing Technical Data

Interactive 3D PDF for Work, Assembly and Service Instructions

Get more value from your 3D data by effectively sharing complex engineering data inside and outside your company.  Your 3D design data has many uses outside of engineering, allowing you to:

Itorum Joins Lattice Technology’s Worldwide Reseller Network


–Strategic Relationship Gives Companies in Russia an Experienced Partner for Deploying Solutions that Improve Manufacturing Lifecycle Processes—

“Lattice Technology is pleased to have Itorum as a partner because of their proven abilities to implement documentation development systems for customers in a wide variety of industries,” said Bill Barnes, General Manager, Lattice Technology, Inc. “Itorum’s expertise in consulting, personnel training, and operating specialized software designed for technical documentation and e-Learning courses makes them an excellent partner for our solutions.

New XVL Studio Release - Increases Productivity with Enhanced Work Instructions, Support for 3D PDF and 3DConnexion Mouse Devices


“With this release, we continue to make our products easier to use and more powerful,” explained Bill Barnes, General Manager, Lattice Technology, Inc. “Our goal is to make it easy for users from multiple disciplines to leverage their 3D CAD data using XVL. For instance, interactive 3D models can be used by manufacturing engineers to quickly and easily model the assembly process. These models can also be used by writers to create clear documentation and by service engineers to create maintenance documentation or create interactive web pages for ordering spare parts. This latest release of XVL Studio delivers new capabilities that improve productivity in all of these areas.”

New release of XVL Player for Consuming Any 3D CAD Model

XVL Player – One of the family of FREE products for consuming 3D XVL data models

XVL Player enables users to easily visualize and interrogate 3D CAD models. Using XVL Player, anyone can view (including animations), rotate, measure, and cross-section 3D models. Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) can be viewed (including GD&T) along with the complete assembly tree.  

How to create work instructions your people will actually use.

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We all know that creating work instructions is tedious, and to make matters worse, often people don't even use them.

Data Interoperability for Digital Manufacturing

Data Interoperability for the Manufacturing Company

As we discussed in our last blog post, “Improving Manufacturability--Design Data Sharing”, effectively leveraging 3D CAD design data to non-CAD users is crucial for successful manufacturing companies. 

Design for Manufacturing. Sharing of design data is the first step.

Design for Manufacturing - Share 3D Data

Improving Manufacturability

Design Data Sharing

When considering manufacturability during product design, engineers strive for products to be manufactured faster, easier, less expensively and with higher quality.

Leverage CAD: 3-Step Solution: Geometry to Entire Product Lifecycle

Complex models 1/2 of 1% of Native CAD

Today we announced upgrades to our 3-Step Solution Set (AUTHOR, PUBLISH, CONSUME) for moving geometry from any CAD system into XVL -- where it can be leveraged across the extended enterprise.

Our tools do not require CAD expertise to use. A person with basic technical skills can AUTHOR new information into the model, such as work instructions, animations, PMI and much more.

Complex operations can also be done, such as importing tooling and fixture geometry in order to model manufacturing or service processes.

The Future of Technical Documentation in a 3D World

cutting plane using augmented reality resized 600

This is a very thought provoking article about the future of technical documentation--not only using 3D but using Augmented Reality.  It was written in the context of maintenance, but it could be for any stage of the product development lifecycle.  

A Little Bit of History About 3D Visualization


We saw this article and think it is a good historical accounting of how 3D visualization has matured:

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