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Lattice Technology Announces that Dassault Systèmes Natively Supports XVL on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform

Create Robust Technical Illustrations Directly from Your 3D CAD

Publish Work Instructions (and more) Using Microsoft Excel

The Virtual Product Model – A Steppingstone to the Model-Based Enterprise

XVL Enables Concurrent Processes Across Development & Manufacturing

Virtual Capability Brings Stakeholders Together Using 3D CAD Model

XVL Web3D Manager Enables Access to Gigabyte-Size 3D Models

Announcing Release of XVL Content Manager

Mitsubishi: Improving assembly processes using XVL

Toyoda Iron Works Streamlines Processes Using XVL

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Adopts XVL to Streamline Processes

JMU: XVL Digital Manufacturing Initiative Improves Processes

EIZO Uses XVL to Improve Quality and Shorten Development Time

US Manufacturing Competitiveness Predicted to Overtake China

Improve Communications with Interactive 3D Models in Microsoft Excel

Case Study: Alpine Precision, a Mold Maker

Enhancements for Manufacturing Planning and Validation

Create Electronic Work Instructions Using 3D CAD Models

Virtual Assembly Planning & Validation: Big Payoffs on Assembly Line

Interactive 3D Models and Animations for the Manufacturing Company

Collaboration, The Key to Reducing Time To Market

3D is Backbone for Improved Communication, Productivity and Quality

CASIO Manuals Deliver Productivity Needed For Electronics Manufacturer

Toyota Uses Lattice Solutions & XVL for Better Manufacturing Planning

Interactive 3D Product Visualization Meets Excel

Concurrent Downstream Documentation: Engineering & Manufacturing

Four Essentials of Effective Work Instructions

Downstream Documentation: Electrical Routing & Wire Harness Creation

New Version of Advanced Technical Communication Authoring Tool

3D PDF – Squeezing Value from CAD Models by Sharing Technical Data

Itorum Joins Lattice Technology’s Worldwide Reseller Network

XVL Studio: Increase Productivity with Enhanced Work Instructions

New release of XVL Player for Consuming Any 3D CAD Model

How to Improve Your Work Instructions

Data Interoperability for Digital Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing — Sharing of design data is the first step

Leverage CAD: 3-Step Solution: Geometry to Entire Product Lifecycle

The Future of Technical Documentation in a 3D World

A Little Bit of History About 3D Visualization

Globalization & Digital Manufacturing

Adopting 3D Digital Knowledge in Manufacturing

Automotive Industry & 3D Digital Manufacturing

New Human Option Video

Leveraging Design Review Processes into a Digital Manufacturing Age

Check it Out: Lattice Technology’s XVL Studio 10.0

Automated Illustration Creation Reduces Costs by 40% for Honda

Lightweight 3D

The Birth of XVL - Lightweight Data

Europe – April 2011

The Need for Lightweight Data

Lattice Technology, Inc. Blog Launch